Map Override: Granite Beach

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Hey there!

Actually, I just recently got the “Tropical Getaway” mod. I think it is really great, finally there is a island vacation for our Sims, instead of just camping in Granite Falls or go on adventure in Selvadorada.
But two things have disturbed me massively: first, that the world is still called Granite Falls and not “Granite Beach” and second, that the map still looks like mountain scenery.

For the first problem I have already shown you a solution: With the help of my mod and small adjustments you can rename Granite Falls to Granite Beach.

We will address the second problem today!

This mod overwrites the map of Granite Falls with a fanart made by HazzaPlumbob. I did some post-processing and then converted it to fit in the game.

Map Override: Granite Beach

Here’s how the mod looks in the game.

Installation Guide

Just put the file in your mods folder, subfolders are okay too.

Download “Granite Beach Map Override”


The mod does not conflict with others, unless you have another mod that overrides the Granite Falls map.

Overwritten resources: Granite Falls map (S4_00B2D882_00064DC9_F4C03535EBA4E9DB and S4_00B2D882_00064DCA_F4C03535EBA4E9DB)

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