Longer pregnancy: 21 days

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Updated: 19. June 2018

Hey you!

Honestly, I like to play the Sims 4 without automatic aging. But when I do, I think that 3 sim days of pregnancy are just too short and too boring. That’s why I wrote a mod that extends the pregnancy to 21 days.

Longer pregnancy: 21 days

No more problems with hospital deliveries

I know, I’m not the first to do that, but my mod has one major advantage: The delivery at the hospital (feature of get to work) works as well! With many other mods it is like that the sim stands for a very long time at the reception and it takes forever until the birth starts. I’ve shortened that period a bit, so it’s going pretty fast. Attention: If you take too much time to travel to the hospital, the birth will start immediately when you visit the hospital; D But I think that’s better than the other way around.

A Little foresight

Do you see the sad buff with the pregnancy symbol at the ingame screenshot? This is another mod of mine that makes pregnancy more exciting. Stay tuned; D

installation Guide

Download the file and put it in your mods folder. The mod also works fine in subfolders.

Download “Pregnancy 21 Days”


Do you want other periods? Write me in the comments below and I’ll see what I can do 🙂


Many thanks to:

Zerbu for the Modworkshop
Scumbumbo for the XML Extractor
Velocitygrass for the DATA Editing Tool
Kuree for S4PE

This mod overwrites the following resources and does not work along with mods that override the same ones:

S4_03B33DDF_00000000_23987400041A56EC (pregnancy tracker)
S4_6E0DDA9F_00000003_000000000001C2F6 (filter_ispregnant_inLabor)


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