Bassinets with LiveDrag

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Updated: 19. June 2018

Hey there!

Let’s be honest, we all know that in the game the babies have received far too little attention. They are objects and tied to the cradle. Since the toddlers are out, I have fewer problems with them, but I think it’s a pity if you have to skip this lifestage so fast.

That’s why I came up with something to improve the everyday life of the Sims who are having babies:

Bassinets with LiveDrag!

What does LiveDrag mean?

Demo: Babywiegen mit LiveDrag

You can now move the cradles back and forth like a dinner plate or similar in the house. Imagine that you have a big house, you are alone and would like to cook in peace. But your baby has to be there so that you can respond to needs quickly enough.

That is possible now! You no longer have to move the cradle in build mode, you can easily drag it to where you want in live mode! In the video above you can see a demo, which was recorded ingame.

This mod overrides the normal baby bassinets. Any mod that also overrides baby cribs (like no crib mods) will conflict with that and will not work.

Different versions

With some EPs, new cradles have been added. Since I do not know if you should load all cradles into the game, I separated them by expansion pack. If you own all, you should only download the MERGED version, which does not burden the game as much as all files individually.

Download “Basegame Bassinet”

Download “Alien Bassinet (requires GTW!)”

Download “Vampire Bassinet (requires Vampires GP)”


Download “MERGED Version (requires BG, GTW and Vampires GP)”


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