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Portable Performer Space
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Hey there! Do you know the performer spaces that have been part of Sims 4 city living? I love the fact that they are standing around San Myshuno. But what about placing them in the other cities that are now … Read More

Longer pregnancy: 21 days
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Hey you! Honestly, I like to play the Sims 4 without automatic aging. But when I do, I think that 3 sim days of pregnancy are just too short and too boring. That’s why I wrote a mod that extends … Read More

Bassinets with LiveDrag
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Hey there! Let’s be honest, we all know that in the game the babies have received far too little attention. They are objects and tied to the cradle. Since the toddlers are out, I have fewer problems with them, but … Read More

Career for Selfemployed
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Hello! Today I will introduce my first sims 4 mod to you! Usually I play sims who don’t have a normal job but earn money with their skills. They produce goods and sell them as a gardener, author, painter etc. … Read More